«Unlike music, clumsiness is possible with painting.»

Abstract art uses form, colors, textures and brush strokes to create various effects. It embodies the ultimate freedom of the artist.

But whoever looks at an abstract work of art will always try to make sense of the randomly drawn lines, and thus will eventually come back to their own experience of reality.

Moreover, believing in intuition rather than theory and drawing a parallel with the artistic process of contemporary painters' "Directed Chance", abstract expressionism and lyrical abstraction.

In abstract painting, it is important to look for an abstract language as a means of communication where aesthetic reflections dominate.

Horizon lines or vanishing lines become more or less wide ribbons and their interlacing suggests depth and impenetrability.

The ribbons bar the depth of the space.



Painting is not just a job: it's also a reflection. Painting helps you to remain somewhat naive and feed personal thoughts. In that sense, painting is close to philosophical thought.

Painting has to be timeless, out of time and societal orders. Painting must find a lost human essence, reflection and self-awareness.

But it isn't an Utopia!

Holding the brush...

The artist

VALY Husson


Specialties: Graphic arts, painting

My painting is diverse and my preoccupations are essentially oriented towards emotions and feelings.
Always looking for the perfect composition and tending to the destructuring of space in the abstract universe or in the human body, I'm starting from an ink stain, a graphic design until there's a finished thought on canvas.


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